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Our work spans many complex disciplines which requires dedication, love and a wide variety of skills. No single person can do all of it, so our ability to get the work done is to embrace the diversity of our people - just like we promote diversity in the soil to give our coconut palms strength - and organize ourselves into Our Teams.


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Quality Assurance Officer

Lionheart continuously gives me an extraordinary opportunity, from the moment I started up to now it never seizes to teach me various lessons. It helps me to develop a sense of responsibility, cooperate with other employees for the best, and the ability to handle the assigned tasks. I am grateful with my Manager and QA Team for the trust and for pushing me to become the person that I am right now.


IT Officer

Being an IT Officer, it’s a challenge for me to fix problems like Internet Connection and Computer Troubleshooting, but because of my co-employees they believed in my skill and talent I can easily think of a solution to fix the problems. I can do impossible things with them. I am so happy to be part of the LIONHEART Family. I just dreamt to stay here in the long run and be a part of the success of LIONHEART. I am always here to support the mission and vision of the company to help the Rizalian communities.


Lead Cashier

This opportunity given by Lionheart to me and the rest of the Indigenous People Community is one in a million and is really worth all the hard work. Having a key role as the company's Lead Cashier, I am more than proud that we truly belong in this feat of uplifting the IPs of South Palawan. Currently, I am working with my sister under the same department which makes this work more fun.


Company Nurse

In Lionheart Farms, I get to pursue my passion with a very dynamic work environment. Prior becoming the LH Nurse, I used to go on an 8-hour duty in just one location, but now it was so interactive, I meet people from different walks of life, it is so fulfilling to care for the Indigenous colleagues of the company. I can imagine working at the mountains in the morning then reporting to the Hub in the afternoon. Considering how remote our location is versus my previous job... What great facilities we have here! I love working with LH!

Security Manager

I am more than happy working with Lionheart. I have been with the company for years now. Lionheart provided job opportunities to the people of the 11 barangays of Rizal Municipality inspite of the pandemic this year. No need of going to other provinces to find work.


Read through the experiences and stories of our people, it is all our People who makes Lionheart truly great.

Diversity in nature and in people means resilience, adaptability and evolution. Our Teams constantly evolve to meet the challenges of our commitment to be at the forefront of Sustainable Agriculture and always work to the highest international standards with respect for people, community, culture and nature as we embrace the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.