The Lionheart Story

Our fascination is our vision, which has become the story of Lionheart. The fresh sap harvested from the Coconut Flower is full of energy and nutrients; this raw material is the foundation of our universe of amazing products - from traditional coconut sugar to delicious syrup or nectar as some prefer to call it and savory coconut amino seasoning or vinegar. Our fascination is to explore the endless possibilities in the amazing raw material from the Flower of the Coconut.


In 2016 we planted our first coconut palms in the rich soil of Rizal, Palawan at the foot of Mount Mantalingahan facing the West Philippine Sea. Today our vision to integrate all elements from the soil to the finished products has been realized in the most sustainable way. Building every thing from the ground up gave us the unique opportunity do things in our way - the Lionheart way ! Adopting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals we want to make an impact and we do this in so many ways. Most recently Palawan Committee for Sustainable Development completed United Nations Sustainable Assessment for Food and Agriculture recognized Lionheart Farms with a score of 4.79 out of 5.


Our way is the sustainable way, we find local organic supplies for our bio fertilizer and bio pesticide, we engage the community and train all our employees in the ancient principles of natural farming blending the culture of the indigenous people with modern management and technology to comply to the highest standards of organic regenerative farming and food safety in our products.


Our story is how we deliver healthy and traceable Coconut Flower based products from a single source - our farm, our community by our people directly to you.