The Lionheart Story

Our journey begins with a simple fascination - a fascination with the boundless potential of the humble Coconut Flower. At Lionheart Farms, this fascination has grown into a visionary tale that we're excited to share with you.


Our story revolves around the incredible Coconut Flower, a source of raw energy and vital nutrients. From this unassuming blossom, we've crafted an entire universe of extraordinary products, ranging from traditional coconut sugar to delightful syrup (or nectar, as some prefer to call it) and savory coconut amino seasoning. The Coconut Flower is our muse, and its limitless possibilities are what inspire us daily.


Rooted in Palawan


In 2016, our journey took root in the fertile soil of Rizal, Palawan, nestled at the foot of the majestic Mount Mantalingahan, overlooking the breathtaking West Philippine Sea. It was here that we planted our first coconut palms, setting in motion our dream to unite all aspects of our process, from soil to finished products, in the most sustainable way possible.


The Lionheart Way


Building our enterprise from the ground up allowed us the freedom to do things our way - the Lionheart way. Embracing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we're committed to making a meaningful impact.


Our dedication hasn't gone unnoticed. In 2021, the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development conducted a United Nations Sustainable Assessment for Food and Agriculture, awarding Lionheart Farms an impressive score of 4.79 out of 5. In 2022, we were hailed as Sustainability Company of the Year by Asia CEO Awards. An achievement which further cemented LFPC’s position as a reference model for Sustainable Transformation of agriculture and integration with climate action.


Sustainability in Every Step


Our way is the sustainable way. We prioritize locally sourced organic materials for our bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides. We're deeply engaged with our community, and we empower our team with the ancient wisdom of natural farming, blending indigenous practices with modern management and technology. This ensures we meet the highest standards of organic regenerative farming and food safety in every product we offer.


Direct from Our Farm to You


Our story revolves around delivering healthy, sustainable, and traceable Coconut Flower-based products directly from a single source: our farm, our community, and our dedicated team, right into your tables. Our journey is one of passion, dedication, and sustainability, and it's our pleasure to invite you to be a part of it.