Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Department is responsible for performing inspection of all incoming and outgoing products in the factory. Its first priority is FOOD SAFETY. All the incoming raw materials: coconut flower sap, packaging materials and chemicals or supplies; and the outgoing products: coconut flower syrup, coconut sugar, and coconut flower water are well inspected by the Quality Department. The Quality Analysts and Quality Inspectors confirm specifications through standard sampling methods, conducting analysis and evaluation by visuals and organoleptic measurement tests.


The analysts are the ones responsible for performing laboratory analyses. All samples received in the Physico-Chemical and Microbiological Laboratory are tested according to the documented procedures. They also ensure that the quality management system is properly established, consistently and effectively implemented and monitored, and in adherence with local/ international regulation and customer's requirement.


Furthermore, the Quality Department is also responsible for identifying rejects and initiate request for return of unacceptable materials with complete records and documents. The monitoring of the proper implementation of all sanitation standard operating procedures and the corresponding specifications required are also under this department. They provide feedback on areas that need improvement and monitor implementation corrections. They communicate across the organization with all levels of operational management to ensure they meet the goals and objectives of the company. 


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