We are Lionheart Farms

Our Teams

Our work spans many complex disciplines which requires dedication, love and a wide variety of skills. No single person can do all of it, so our ability to get the work done is to embrace the diversity of our people - just like we promote diversity in the soil to give our coconut palms strength - and organize ourselves into Our Teams.

Diversity in nature and in people means resilience, adaptability and evolution. Our Teams constantly evolve to meet the challenges of our commitment to be at the forefront of Sustainable Agriculture and always work to the highest international standards with respect for people, community, culture and nature as we embrace the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

01 Lionheart Team at Punta Baja Head Office

02 Factory Receiving Team

03 Gabay Kalinga Team

Our Management

Christian Eyde Moeller

Co-Founder & CEO

Maria Cecilia Chang

Vice President

Henrik Haagen

Co-Founder & Director
International Sales

Ivorie Dela Torre

Senior Manager
Farm Management

Rey Lavadia, RCh

Senior Manager
Factory Management

Lourdes Bambalan

Senior Manager
Commercial Operations

Darlene Colleen Elizan

Senior Manager
Executive Assistant to the President

Melba Grace Saldavia, CPA

Senior Manager
Accounting & PPC Branch

Thomas Moeller

Farm Operations

Jastoni Maru

Harvest Operations

Alwin Nemiada

Agroforestry Compliance
Farm Operations

Supawat Panyawesdee

Senior Manager
Product Management

Abigail Chang

Assistant Manager
Product Management

Jethro Castres

Construction, Engineering & Maintenance.

Rocky Cervancia

Assistant Manager
Organic Certification

Engr. Reyniel Valdez

Safety & Pollution Control Officer

Eva Cabrestante

Senior Purchasing Officer
Puerto Princesa City/
Executive Assistant
Office of the Vice President

Micah Jade O. Ma. Zeta

Purchasing Officer
Municipality of Rizal

Blanchie Lavadia

Academy Lead
Lionheart Academy

Our Board of Directors

Christian Eyde Moeller

Co-Founder & Chairman

Anders Haagen

Co-Founder & Director

Maria Cecilia Chang

Director & Treasurer

Atty. Ferdinand Taglucop