Harvesting the Energy of the Coconut Flower


Healthy. Sustainable. Traceable.

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Our Story

Our journey begins with a simple fascination - a fascination with the boundless potential of the humble Coconut Flower. At Lionheart Farms, this fascination has grown into a visionary tale that we're excited to share with you.

Our story revolves around the incredible Coconut Flower, a source of raw energy and vital nutrients. From this unassuming blossom, we've crafted an entire universe of extraordinary products, ranging from traditional coconut sugar to delightful syrup (or nectar, as some prefer to call it) and savory coconut amino seasoning. The Coconut Flower is our muse, and its limitless possibilities are what inspire us daily.

In 2016, our journey took root in the fertile soil of Rizal, Palawan, nestled at the foot of the majestic Mount Mantalingahan, overlooking the breathtaking West Philippine Sea. It was here that we planted our first coconut palms, setting in motion our dream to unite all aspects of our process, from soil to finished products, in the most sustainable way possible.

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Our Three Principles

Understanding the Underlying Fundamentals of Lionheart Farms


Knowing our products are pure from nature with only natural organic inputs to the soil. Harvested with love using ancient techniques and carefully processed without any additives and to preserve the integrity of the raw sap from nature in the most modern facility.


In all aspects from our agricultural practices working towards net positive contribution to biodiversity to working in partnership with the local community of the Indigenous Peoples of Palawan, observing their cultural diversity and dialogue based on their tribal principles to resolve conflicts or for planning our contributions to their community development.


Knowing we managed every step in the life of the product working to the highest standards of Organic certification in the farm and factory compliant with all certifications for Good Manufacturing Practices with BRC, SMETA, Halaal and Kosher.

Our Three Steps



In the nursery we cultivate our own coconut palms from seednut to seedling, ensuring they get the best possible start to life. Then after planting them in the farm, we nurture them to a mature and harvestable state with our in-house produced bio-organic fertilisers.


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With photosynthesis helping us convert sunlight into chemical energy, we harvest it in the form of sap directly from the coconut palms flower. Using heritage tapping techniques practiced throughout South-East Asia, we are able to organically extract pure coconut flower sap of the highest quality and full of natural sugar.


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Coconut flower sap is a very versatile raw material and can be processed into a wide range of products. At our processing facility located next to the farm we produce coconut aminos, sugar, syrup and vinegar. But because of the span of flavors, colors and textures coconut flower sap possesses we are not limited to these products. Alcohols, beverages and even personal care products are also possible.


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Lionheart Farms Products

Coconut Flower Nectar / Syrup

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Coconut Flower Nectar / Syrup

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Coconut Flower Vinegar

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Coconut Aminos

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Coconut Teriyaki

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Our People

How it feels working with us?

It is the people which makes this noble work possible. We all embrace the vision and mission of Lionheart.


Quality Assurance Officer

Lionheart continuously gives me an extraordinary opportunity, from the moment I started up to now it never seizes to teach me various lessons. It helps me to develop a sense of responsibility, cooperate with other employees for the best, and the ability to handle the assigned tasks. I am grateful with my Manager and QA Team for the trust and for pushing me to become the person that I am right now.


IT Officer

Being an IT Officer, it’s a challenge for me to fix problems like Internet Connection and Computer Troubleshooting, but because of my co-employees they believed in my skill and talent I can easily think of a solution to fix the problems. I can do impossible things with them. I am so happy to be part of the LIONHEART Family. I just dreamt to stay here in the long run and be a part of the success of LIONHEART. I am always here to support the mission and vision of the company to help the Rizalian communities.


Company Nurse

In Lionheart Farms, I get to pursue my passion with a very dynamic work environment. Prior becoming the LH Nurse, I used to go on an 8-hour duty in just one location, but now it was so interactive, I meet people from different walks of life, it is so fulfilling to care for the Indigenous colleagues of the company. I can imagine working at the mountains in the morning then reporting to the Hub in the afternoon. Considering how remote our location is versus my previous job... What great facilities we have here! I love working with LH!


Lead Cashier

This opportunity given by Lionheart to me and the rest of the Indigenous People Community is one in a million and is really worth all the hard work. Having a key role as the company's Lead Cashier, I am more than proud that we truly belong in this feat of uplifting the IPs of South Palawan. Currently, I am working with my sister under the same department which makes this work more fun.


Security Manager

I am more than happy working with Lionheart. I have been with the company for years now. Lionheart provided job opportunities to the people of the 11 barangays of Rizal Municipality inspite of the pandemic this year. No need of going to other provinces to find work.

News & Featured Content

Private Agri businesses meet up for farmer’s group program

17 May 2023

Businessmen involved in agriculture held a meeting on Wednesday, May 17, to come up with solutions to helping small farmers scale up their production under Go Negosyo’s Kapatid Angat Lahat Agri Program (KALAP).

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Angat Lahat Agri Program (KALAP) Forum with Financial Institution

2 April 2023

KAPATID ANGAT LAHAT AGRI PROGRAM (KALAP) FORUM WITH FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS. Banks and financial institutions met last March 31, 2023 with Go Negosyo Founder Joey Concepcion and Go Negosyo Senior AdvisersDr. William Dar and Josephine Romero to explore how to ease access to capital for the country’s small farmers. Joining them were pioneer big-brother companies represented by Christian Moeller of Lionheart Farms and James Amparo of Yovel East, who shared with the group how their inclusive models can integrate small farmers into their businesses, thus addressing the perceived risks associated with lending to farmers. The PSAC Agriculture Group’s Michael Tan was also present.

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98-year old Palaweño coconut farmer meets with President BBM in Malacañang

8 March 2023

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. shared his excitement after meeting a 98-year old Palaweño coconut farmer in Malacañang during the memorandum of agreement (MOA) signing for the Kapatid Angat Lahat Agri Program (KALAP) recently.

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6 March 2023

In Photos: Juraipa Lumpon (IP Coordinator/Lionheart Employee), Marven Lenio (Kabalikat Farmer/Tapper), Quinlino Lumpon (IP Leader/Lionheart Employee), Maman Buano (IP Leader/Lionheart Employee/Oldest Tourguide in Southeast Asia), Joel Layom (IP Leader/Lionheart Employee), Enrito Sumo (IP Leader/Lionheart Employee), and Al Socrates Aban (Partner Farm/Palm Owner).
We are grateful to be part of KAPATID ANGAT LAHAT AGRI PROGRAM (KALAP) LAUNCH AND CEREMONIAL SIGNING WITH PRESIDENT FERDINAND R. MARCOS JR. at the Malacañang Palace, happening today, March 6, 2023.

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Lionheart Farms won the Sustainability Company of the Year award at the recent Asia CEO Awards 2022, the largest celebration of leadership excellence in Southeast Asia

11 October 2021

Lionheart has become the first agricultural company in Asia to be certified under the international Climate Bonds Initiative supported by the US Agency for International Development and GreenInvest.

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Rizal town celebrates 124th Rizal Day

30 December 2020

Organized by the Municipality of Rizal and volunteers, every one joined the celebration at the Municipal Hall in Punta Baja.

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Indigenous peoples communities in South Palawan see benefits of job stability

26 October 2020

In 2014, a group of IP leaders reached out to find a community partner to help improve livelihood for their community. In 2015, Lionheart Farms found their way to Palawan.

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More with Less (Full Video)

25 October 2020

A story from the front line of Sustainable Development
#HelpThePeople #SaveTheMountain #HelpSaveThePlanet
#lionheartfarms #joinlionheart

Produced by:
Lionheart Farms Philippines Corporation

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Roaring through the pandemic

7 October 2020

Most of the time, a random thought in the most unusual places is the one that totally changes one’s life or, in this case, the lives of many others.

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More with less : The inspiring story of Lionheart Farms

3 October 2020

Christian Eyde Moeller, an entrepreneur from Denmark with extensive experience in agriculture, pondered: “While the demand for coconut products is strong and expanding globally, I asked myself, ‘Why are coconut farmers still poor? The indigenous community in Palawan has land but it’s not cultivated. How do you create an opportunity for them to improve their livelihood?”

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Filipino farming advocate shares experience with Lionheart Farms

20 August 2020

Lionheart is taking farming into a new level by harmonizing regenerative biodynamic principles with nature.

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Lionheart achieves best sustainability accuracy rating from PCSD

10 August 2020

The rating encompassed the four dimensions of sustainability.

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Lionheart steps up medical capacity for Rizal

24 July 2020

The initiative arose from the continued efforts of the company to assist those in need as the global pandemic continued to impact the entire province.

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Coconut farmers in Southern Palawan receive livelihood assistance from agri business firm

18 May 2020

The farmers are part of the families being supported by the company in 14 barangays on its rosters as it engages in the transformation of the southern part of the province through its community-focused sustainable organic farming practices

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Rizal LGU partners with Lionheart in fighting COVID-19

27 April 2020

Since the earliest days of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), Lionheart and the Rizal leadership have been helping over 8,000 residents, providing them food assistance and other means of needed support.

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The Lionheart Story

Our fascination is our vision, which has become the story of Lionheart.

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Plant Material

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Bio-Yield and Bio-Defense

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The Palm

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The People

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Quality Assurance

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Product Development

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Customer Service

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Find your career in Lionheart!

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